Treasure Mountain

  • PC/MAC
  • By Learning Company
  • For Ages: 5 to 9

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Treasure Mountain is a fun, educational adventure for young children. Children can spend many hours solving puzzles, doing math problems and looking for hidden treasures. They'll learn and practice math, reading and problem solving skills. This title is well done. In Treasure Mountain, children work their way up the mountain collecting treasures along the way. The overall theme is very similar to the other "Treasure" titles, but the specific activities, problems and graphics are different.


Every one of the "Treasure" titles from The Learning Company has great educational value. Each has a strong emphasis on math, reading and problem solving skills. They have a good balance between reinforcing skills through repetitive practice (with different problems) and introducing new skills as the child progresses up the 'mountain'. At the same time your child will have lots of fun!

Fun Factor

If your child likes adventure games - where s/he has to find objects and solve puzzles to achieve a goal, then your child will love this title. It's fun and becomes increasingly challenging as the levels change. The graphics are nice, fast loading and cute. As the levels increase, there will be surprises that your child will encounter and enjoy.

Lasting Value

Each CD in this series supports a wide range of learning levels, so children can steadily advance at their own pace for quite a while before reaching the top. There is enough variety in each CD and level that children can replay the same sections over and over and continue to have fun and to learn. Unlike other learning CD's, with these you don't feel that your child will quickly grasp the material and you'll have to buy the next one in the series shortly.


Overall, each CD is well done. The activities are challenging yet inviting, the animation and graphics are cute, and interesting.

Check This Out

Multiple players can use this title (separately) and the game will save their position when they quit. Have your child and a friend or sibling play, or you and your child play!


Try to get the magic crown away from the Master of Mischief!

The Master of Mischief has stolen the magic crown and is using its power to gather all of the mountain's magic gold. To win back the crown, children must find treasures hidden along the trail and lock them away in the mountaintop castle.They'll need to avoid mischievous elves and answer their reading, thinking, math, and science questions. More than 350 spoken problem-solving questions and automatic leveling make playing easier for prereaders and beginning readers.

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