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    • Parenting and Career Development

      Not only what a parent does for a living can influence a child's career choice, but the family dynamics also have a strong influence. The article looks at the ways in which parenting styles, family functioning, and parent-child interaction influence career development. It's written for an educator, but has many good points for a parent as well.

    • Parents As Partners In Children's Learning

      Parents and teachers may look at young children's learning from different perspectives, but they share a common goal: making sure that children receive the best possible education. Mutual respect and communication between programs and families takes advantage of both perspectives to provide children with the kind of care and education that will help them thrive.

    • Young and Old Together

      Young children may have misconceptions about older people and they may dislike them, feel sorry for them, or fear them in general. But it's important for children to feel good about their elders if they are to learn to appreciate people different from themselves and accept and understand the fact that they will get older someday. When children are happy and secure with themselves, they will be ready to take on each new stage of life.

    • Escherichia (E.) coli In The Child Care Setting

      Escherichia (E.) coli bacteria are found in the digestive tracts of most humans and many animals. Usually, these infections are harmless and may even be beneficial. Not all E. coli are alike and, in a few cases, illness may result from infection with particular strains. One strain, E. coli O157:H7, causes one of the most serious digestive tract infections in the United States.

    • High-quality child care: Luxury option or standard equipment?

      To ensure all children receive the kind of care and education they need to thrive, early childhood programs and centers must fully meet criteria of high quality. The author reminds us that 'option packages' do not exist when it comes to a high-quality early childhood education.

    • Setting Limits: Steering Down the Rocky Road of Childrearing

      Is your child pushing the limits? Are you unsure of how strict or lenient you should be in responding to your child? Rest assured, you are not alone. This very good article first describes several different parenting styles and then provides many useful methods and suggestions to help you if your children are continually trying to test you and the boundaries that you establish.

    • Effective Parenting Styles - Why Yesterday's Models Won't Work Today

      Have you considered whether your parenting style was better suited to yesterday than to preparing your child for the twenty-first century? This article describes three different parenting styles and explains which one is best for today's changing world.

    • Child Care Consumer Education on the Internet

      Child care consumer education provides helps parents choose the best possible care for their children. This article will help parents use the Internet to access an enormous amount of useful information.

    • Listening is a core competency for communication and for relationships

      Listening is such an important skill for both parents and for children to learn and to continually improve upon. This article will help you understand more the importance of listening and it provides some activities for you to do to improve your listening skills.

    • Selecting a Child Care Facility With a Safe Playground

      There are many options to choose from when selecting child care. There is a lot that goes into the decision, yet one thing that can get overlooked is ensuring the playground area is made as safe as possible. This article offers parents helpful information regarding playground safety when parents are selecting child care facilities.

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