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Newborn: Websites

We're proud to bring you this list of KidSource approved and rated websites! Each website has been reviewed by the KidSource staff for its content, overall quality and ease of use. We've sorted them by age group or by category.

Our rating system for these websites is:

If you have a favorite website that you'd like us to review, please visit our Submit URL page.

American Academy of Pediatrics

The American Academy of Pediatrics is committed to the attainment of optimal physical, mental, and social health for all infants, children, adolescents, and young adults.Our Web site features a wide variety of information for parents on its YOU and YOUR FAMILY page.


The AAP is the definitive source of pediatric information. At their site you'll find electronic access to articles from their professional publication - Pediatrics, plus great articles such as the "Family Guide to Car Seats". In addition, there are many great books and pamphlets for sale.

American Association of Poison Control Centers

This site will help you find your local poison control center and will answer preventative questions about poisoning. As posted "This site cannot provide assistance to individuals seeking information on specific treatments for poisoning or other diseases. If you have a poisoning emergency, call your Poison Center immediately. If the victim has collapsed or is not breathing, call 911."


Visit this site BEFORE you have an emergency in your home. Find the phone number for your local poison control center (use the map, the zip code search feature didn't work for us) and post it near your phone! You'll find teaching materials, poison prevention tips, information on poison prevention week and games for children.

California Association for the Gifted

The California Association for the Gifted through its website provides many resources to both parents and educators.


A great list of resources, links, organizations and books for parents of gifted children. This site is not just for parents in California, but for parents anywhere in the world.

Car Seat Safety Information - from the American Academy of Pediatrics

The American Academy of Pediatrics has created a special area on car seat safety, with sections on 'family shopping guide', 'children with special needs' and 'guidelines on seat selection for growing children'.


This is a must visit site for parents with young children, who need to buy a car seat or who have questions about car seats. Start by taking the <a href="http://www.aap.org/family/carseat3.htm" target=new> One-Minute Car Seat Safety Check-Up </a>. Every section in this site has useful illustrations and good descriptions. Since car seats are constantly improving and guidelines are changing, it is wise for parents with young children to visit this site frequently.

Children with Diabetes

Children with Diabetes is the on-line source for kids, parents and families with juvenile diabetes.


If your child, or a child you know, has diabetes, you'll find this site an excellent source of information. It has both the depth and breadth of information to be a valuable resource for both parents and health care professionals.

Family Disaster Plan by the National Disaster Education Coalition

The National Disaster Education Coalition is comprised of the American Red Cross, U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA), and others (IAEM, IBHS, NWS, USDA/CSREES, and USGS). The Family Disaster Plan is a comprehensive guide for families to prepare for a wide variety of disasters, including fire, floods, earthquakes, winter storms, tornados and more.


Every family should complete a family disaster plan. No area of the country is immune to a disaster of some kind. The site notes:"Families can and do cope with disaster by preparing in advance and working together as a team. Knowing what to do is your best protection and your responsibility." In addition to information on fire safety, you'll find special sections on "Disaster Supplies Kit", pets, people with disabilities and more. This site will help you create one step by step.

Family.com - Family Activities

Family.com, produced by Disney is a site filled with ideas, projects and other resources for families. You'll find everything from food to travel, from learning to local activities, plus shopping and discussion boards.


Are you looking for activities to do with your family? Then start here. They have lots of activities in categories such as indoor, outdoor, learning, inexpensive, crafts, parties, sports and more. Search by category or by age. Or of you are looking for local activities, you can search by state.

InteliHealth - Home to Johns Hopkins Health Information

InteliHealth, a joint venture between Aetna U.S. Healthcare and Johns Hopkins University and Health System, was established in 1996 to offer one of the most comprehensive and timely collections of health information from leading industry sources. Committed to providing the highest quality and most up-to-date health information. To provide the highest standards of quality, the information on the InteliHealth site is reviewed and approved by experts at Johns Hopkins, the nation's best hospital for eight consecutive years according to U.S. News and World Report.


This is an excellent medical site for the healthcare consumer that balances easily understandable medical information with more technical and in-depth coverage. The free daily newsletter is a great way to keep on top of important health topics and we use it regularly. The site has a good, dedicated section on pediatrics.


KidsHealth, created by doctors and health professionals, provides information to parents and kids about a wide range of children's health care issues. Using a fun, colorful train theme, award-winning KidsHealth provides up-to-date reliable information about growth, well child care, behavior, common childhood illnesses, immunizations, asthma, hyperactivity and lots more.


This is one of the most comprehensive pediatric medical sites we've found. It's well designed and divided into sections for kids, parents and professionals. The kids' section has those common, but difficult quesitions that children ask. The parents' section has one of the best reference sections on childhood diseases on the web. The information is both understandable and technically complete.

Mayo Clinic Health O@sis

The Mayo Clinic Health O@sis site is a leading provider of reliable, comprehensive health information, updated every weekday by Mayo physicians, scientists, writers and educators, to bring you up-to-date information on a wide variety of medical topics. Mayo Health O@sis provides a growing database of explanations on how to treat common and not-so-common illnesses, as well as information on disease prevention, diet & nutrition, pregnancy & children, women’s health and resource centers for Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Allergies & Asthma, Heart and Medicine.


If there is anything you need to know about health for you, your family, or relatives, then start here. The renowned Mayo Clinc has brought a vast amount of understandable, yet detailed, healthcare information to the Internet. Of interest to KidSource parents will be the "allergy and asthma", "women's health" and "diet and nutrition". (The "Pregnancy and Childrens" area has been reviewed separately.)

Mayo Health O@sis: Pregnancy & Children Resource Center

Mayo’s Pregnancy & Children’s Health Resource Center contains Reference Articles ranging from Pregnancy- to Child-related topics (first aid, health care options, pediatric diseases/ conditions, prevention and safety) are updated daily. In addition, this section of the Mayo Clinic Health O@sis site contains: a personal Due-Date Calculator, information by trimester or subject, Ask the Mayo Physician, Quizzes, daily feature articles, and Other Sites for additional resources.


An excellent site! There is a wealth of medical information here on pregnancy and children's health. The "Ask a Physician" section has the answers to many common and not so common questions that parents ask about their child's health. Definitely a site worth visiting.

Parenting Q&A

Parenting Q&A organizes parenting answers in an easy-to-use Web site that offers parents resources, practical tips, and essays on hundreds of topics. Unlike other sites, Parenting Q&A members are guaranteed an answer. If the hundreds of answers online don't help, we'll write you a personal reply from our panel of experts.


Parenting Q&A is a site rich with a wide variety of parenting information. It's divided into topics to make it easy to use. You can post questions to experts or chat with other parents.

Pregnancy Today

Pregnancy Today is an interactive resource and community for expectant and hopeful parents. We offer Expert Q&A forums with both medical/birthing specialists (doctors, midwives, doulas, a nutritionist and more) as well as from lifestyle panelists (home style, cooking, fitness, financial planning and others). There's also the customizable online birth planner, due date calculators, a day-by-day pregnancy calendar, message boards, birth stories , many articles from our print journal, news, as well as trivia, games and more to guide you through pregnancy with the greatest of ease! Pregnancy Today also publishes a monthly print journal and hosts several pregnancy & parenting e-mail lists, including the "due date lists."


If you are, or want to be pregnant, this is a great site to visit. Filled with practical information and fun ideas. While the content isn't incredibly 'deep', it's timely and helpful. The site is well designed, with great graphics.

Safety Alerts

Product recall information in one comprehensive location. Toys, household items, autos etc., and food recalls, listed and categorized for quick navigation. Email service available to alert you to these potentilayy critical issues, free site.


This site has a very comprehensive list of recalls, safety information and product warnings, covering a very wide range or products and services. It's easy to navigate, but the search engine needs work.

Teaching Strategies, Inc.

Teaching Strategies, Inc. offers information for parents and teachers of children from birth through age three including: *in-depth information about The Creative Curriculum and other Teaching Strategies resources, including writings by Diane Trister Dodge and others.


This very useful site will help both parents and teachers educate young children - from infants through the third grade. The parents section has specific activities and strategies, such as "Learning through Daily Activites" and "Learning through Routines". You'll also find a great list of links for a wide variety of educational topics. If you have young children, then you should visit this site.

Virtual Children's Hospital

The Virtual Children's Hospital, a project of the Children's Hospital of Iowa and the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, provides information on children's health to consumers and health care providers.


This site is rich in a wide variety of medical information for parents of children of all ages. The information is well written, easy to understand and practical. A good site to visit for many medical issues faced by parents.

Breastfeeding Answers from Ameda/Egnell

This series has diverse topics, including prenatal information, positioning baby at the breast, nutrition for the nursing mother, fathering the breastfed baby. Problems addressed include jaundice, thrush, and breastfeeding the premature baby. Working and breastfeeding is covered. Topics referring to pumping include choosing a pump, using a pump, and pumping and storing breastmilk.


Answers to common and complex breastfeeding questions as well as resources for breast pumps and supplies.

Hoagies' Gifted Education Page

This exciting site contains links to gifted education resources all over the world, carefully annotated and organized into content areas including academic acceleration, gifted learning disabled, profoundly gifted, educational theories, and lots more. In addition, you can find resources for our kids, including magazines, software, web links and books, plus first hand success stories by the parents of gifted kids. International lists of organizations and conferences, too. Check it out!


If your child is gifted or is gifted and learning disabled, then you'll want to visit this site. Here you'll find a very thorough and complete set of articles, books, magazines, conferences and links about these topics.

Learning Disabilities Association of America

LDA is a national, non-profit, volunteer organization including individuals with learning disabilities, their families and professionals. LDA is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all individuals with learning disabilities and their families, to alleviating the restricting effects of learning disabilities, and to supporting endeavors to determine the causes of learning diabilities.


This organization is a great resource for families. Visit the site to find relevant articles, local chapters, research information, events and more.

Rare Genetic Diseases in Children: An Internet Resource Gateway

The Gateway Kiosk was designed as a means for people affected by rare genetic diseases, whether family or professional, to locate others in order to share information. It consists of five Topic Forums: Chromosomal Disorders, Lifelink Search, Medical Notice, Open Topic and Support Group. A Moderator Updates page explains how the Kiosk is managed and provides links to similar web resources.


This site is a valuable resource for parents and other caregivers who wish to read and respond to families and professionals posting information on genetic diseases in children.


A huge emphasis of this site is on the health and safety of children, current recalled children's toys and products, car seats and air bag warnings and proper usage, new teen driving laws as well as environmental hazards, safety at home, school and daycare. Articles range from newborn through late teens.


This site has lots of information for parents including health & safety articles, activities, nutrition and education information and recall notices.


WebMD is an Internet-based healthcare network that connects physicians, hospitals, third-party payors, and consumers to a virtual world of medical information, tools, and services. As a premier "healthcare portal," WebMD is a single point of access to insurance verification and referrals via an electronic data interchange service, enhanced communications services, branded healthcare content and other Web-based offerings.


WebMD has a wider range of medical information than other sites - some of it is much more technical and more oriented towards the medical professional than found elsewhere. So if you are looking for serious medical content, this is a good place to explore. WebMD also has many communities on a wide range of medical topics. While we could not find a dedicated area for pediatric issues, we used the search engine to find specific pediatric topics.

Babies Online

Have you got a newborn in the family? Then check out this free birth announcement service for new parents. They offer free Web pages announcing births, so that faraway families can share in the bragging.


This site contains a wide variety of newborn and prenatal information and free services, from baby names, childbirth and breastfeeding information to birth announcements.

Children and Money

18 ways for parrents and grandparents to teach their children the value of money. Other areas include: young spender's profile, credit risk profile, credit risk profile for youths, ten commandments of personal finance for young people.


At some point, parents are faced with how to teach their children to manage their finances responsibly. This site, done by the non-profit National Center for Financial Education, will help you do that, and will provide you with helpful tips to manage your own finances.

Daycare Dailies

Daycare Dailies is a searchable database of daycare providers across the country, updated with new information daily!


Both parents and childcare providers will benefit from the "questions to ask" section of this childcare site. Also includes link resources and coast-to-coast database directory.

Dia B Tees Info Center

Dia B Tees Info Center has sections such as chat rooms, complications, nutrition, software, medications, natural remedies, message boards, list servers, and a children's section with many more topics.


This site has a very comprehensive set of diabetes links and resources. There is a special section devoted to children's information.

Everything But the Baby

Everything But the Baby is an on line catalog featuring everything you need for your baby. From bedding to feeding we have it all!


If you want to shop for a new baby on-line or register your "wish" list for friends and relatives buying for a new baby, this site carries all the latest infant products.

Kids Ears

Hearing and language development website that is sponsered by Pfizer. Articles, development charts and questions and answers to common concerns regarding hearing and language.


If you are involved in children's healthcare or a speech and hearing specialist or are a parent of a child that has had ear infections, the Kid's Ear site sponsered by Pzifer Pharmaceuticals, will be of interest to you. There is a question and answer section, information on treatment of ear infections, contests, newsletters, and information on speech and language development milestones.

Knox Breastfeeding Accessories

Providing high quality breast pumps and other products to breastfeeding mothers. Also included is the "Breastfeeding Answers" series from Ameda/Egnell, twelve topics with up-to-date information.


If you are pregnant or the parent of a newborn, then you'll want to look at this site. While it's primarily a product sales site, you'll also find good information about the benefits of breastfeeding.

National Center for Fathering

The National Center of Fathering has developed a variety of useful, "how to" resources, all based on sound research data. With these resources, and the help of other men, we believe men can discover, develop and enhance their fathering...and become the dads their children desperately need.


This is a site devoted to fathers. Here you'll find parenting tips, information for divorced, single and stay at home dads and more. There is also a good humor area that both moms and dads will enjoy.

Natural Mom.Com

Natural Mom.com is a site dedicated to providing information, resources, conversation and shopping to the Natural Mom (and Dad). We focus on health and healing our families naturally. The site includes many articles, links, references guides, and newsletters, Send-A-Cure, Natural Mom Award, and encyclopedias of info. needed to heal our children and ourselves.


A visually beautiful and easy to navigate site devoted to alternative healthcare for pregnancy, childbirth and families.

Parenting Special Children

Special Children from The Mining Company is a site built on love and committment to educating and empowering those who are touched by having special children in their lives. This site is new but growing quickly with many goals.


A well organized site that has basic information on a wide variety of learning disabilities and other topics for children with special needs. It's main value is the useful lists of links sorted by category.

St. John's Well Child Center

Healthcare site for children with health, safety tips, resourceful links,safe links for kids and information about the non-profit organization. St. John's well child center serves the families of Los Angeles, California.


If you're looking for a variety of good safety and health tips, you'll find them here. You'll also find a good set of links to a variety of parenting, health and safety sites. This site will be of interest to all parents, not just those in the Los Angeles area.

The ChildSecure Catalog

The web's first and finest baby care and child safety boutique. This site features hundreds of hard-to-find and unique baby care products from around the world and a wide assortment of safety and baby-proofing equipment. Easy to navigate and use, The ChildSecure Catalog has been making customers happy online since 1995! Customers also enjoy access to our extensive health and safety libraries and interactive "Ask The Doctor" column.


While primarily a site to sell children's safety products, this site does have a good assortment of safety and recall information.

Crib Sheet Safety

This site talks about crib sheet safety and the hazards that fitted crib sheets currently on the market present the way these sheets are made children are able to pull them up and they become a hazard they are not made with enough material there currently aren't standards on crib sheets and there need to be


This personal page warns parents of infants and toddlers about the dangers of strangulation by fitted crib sheets. The author is a mother who lost her child and who wants to prevent this type of tragedy from happening to other children.

Space Coast Early Intervention Center

A nationally recognized not-for-profit pre-school and therapeutic center for children with and without developmental delays ages 18 months to five years. Our environment provides role modeling from peers and allows the children to reach their full potential.


This site is for parents who are looking for an organization to provide early intervention programs. While light on general information, it will be of interest to parents looking for contacts and resources.

Special Child Magazine

A free online magazine for parents and caregivers of children with special needs. Features include Success Stories, Tips, a family advice column, informative disability related articles, a discussion forum, and more!


An on-line magazine for parents of special needs children that addresses the hope, success and some of the frustration of parenting such a child.

Spilt Milk - an e-zine for parents

Spilt Milk is an e-zine for parents to be, parents who are and parents who can take no more. A new issue comes out each month with feature articles and regular columns by parents. The site allows oth Mothers and Fathers from around the world the opportuniy to share information and submit articles and dedicatios to children for publication. As of December 1998 the site will include prizes for feedback and gifts for published articles.


An online magazine (e-zine) for parents to be and current parents which features regular columns as well as feature articles. Humorous, forthright and easily navigated, this new website is a good place to blow off some parenting steam or read some touching personal stories.

The Children's Institute

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The Children's Institute (formerly The Rehabilitation Institute) is the region's leading comprehensive rehabilitation facility dedicated to serving the special needs of children and young adults.


This rehabilitation facility located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania specializes in therapy and medical treatment for children children with special needs, diseases and disorders. The site provides an overview of their programs.


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