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Disabilities: Websites

We're proud to bring you this list of KidSource approved and rated websites! Each website has been reviewed by the KidSource staff for its content, overall quality and ease of use. We've sorted them by age group or by category.

Our rating system for these websites is:

If you have a favorite website that you'd like us to review, please visit our Submit URL page.

EASI's K-12 Educational Technology Centre

EASI is dedicated to providing the latest information and resources on improving K-16 access to technology in education for students with disabilities or in special education. Utilizing distance learning online courses and workshops, discussion listservs, a scholarly journal and a website full of resources on Adaptive & Assistive Technology, hardware, software and best practices in K-12 education, EASI has developed a complete resource and collaborative effort towards increasing the success of educational technology for students with disabilities. As an affiliate of the American Association of Higher Learning and with Grants from the National Science Foundation EASI has been providing parents and educators high quality current information within their realm for the last 12 years. With a current thrust on increasing access to science & math learning, EASI recently devloped a wide set of resources on their website in this area. We hope you visit and let us know what you think and what we can add to better meet your needs!


A must-see adaptive technology resource site for teachers, administrators and parents who are interacting and making educational decisions for K through 12th grade children with disabilities. Bookmark this site!


KidsHealth, created by doctors and health professionals, provides information to parents and kids about a wide range of children's health care issues. Using a fun, colorful train theme, award-winning KidsHealth provides up-to-date reliable information about growth, well child care, behavior, common childhood illnesses, immunizations, asthma, hyperactivity and lots more.


This is one of the most comprehensive pediatric medical sites we've found. It's well designed and divided into sections for kids, parents and professionals. The kids' section has those common, but difficult quesitions that children ask. The parents' section has one of the best reference sections on childhood diseases on the web. The information is both understandable and technically complete.

LD OnLine

LD OnLine is a well organized site for information and resources about learning disabilties and attention deficit disorders. New articles appear weekly. "Ask the Experts" or "Meet the Author" focuses on a different topic each month. Subscribe to the monthly online newsletter for a condensed update of current learning disaiblities news. Encourage your children to participate in the Kid Zone Artist and Writer of the Week. Read "First Person" accounts of people with learning disabilities and how they achieved their goals. Check the international calendar of conferences and training events. Ask and answer questions on our bulletin board topics.


This is an outstanding site, rich with a wide range of information about learning disorders. You'll find articles, checklists, references, dicussion areas and more. A must for any parent whose child has a learning disability.

National Attention Deficit Disorder Association

ADDA's mission is to help people with ADD lead happier, more successful lives through education, research, and public advocacy. Whether you have ADD yourself, or someone special in your life does, or you treat, counsel, or teach those who do, ADDA is an organization for you.


ADDA's mission is to help people with ADD lead happier, more successful lives through education, research, and public advocacy. Whether you have ADD yourself, or someone special in your life does, or you treat, counsel, or teach those who do, ADDA is an organization for you.

National Center for Learning Disabilities

National Center for Learning Disabilities' (NCLD) mission is to promote public awareness and understanding of children and adults with learning disabilities, and to provide national leadership on their behalf, so they may achieve their potential and enjoy full participation in our society.


An excellent site if you need information, contacts or help regarding learning disabilities. They have everything from general information, to checklists for behavorial warning signs, to information on legal rights as well as summer camps.

Parenting Q&A

Parenting Q&A organizes parenting answers in an easy-to-use Web site that offers parents resources, practical tips, and essays on hundreds of topics. Unlike other sites, Parenting Q&A members are guaranteed an answer. If the hundreds of answers online don't help, we'll write you a personal reply from our panel of experts.


Parenting Q&A is a site rich with a wide variety of parenting information. It's divided into topics to make it easy to use. You can post questions to experts or chat with other parents.

Teaching Strategies, Inc.

Teaching Strategies, Inc. offers information for parents and teachers of children from birth through age three including: *in-depth information about The Creative Curriculum and other Teaching Strategies resources, including writings by Diane Trister Dodge and others.


This very useful site will help both parents and teachers educate young children - from infants through the third grade. The parents section has specific activities and strategies, such as "Learning through Daily Activites" and "Learning through Routines". You'll also find a great list of links for a wide variety of educational topics. If you have young children, then you should visit this site.

Virtual Children's Hospital

The Virtual Children's Hospital, a project of the Children's Hospital of Iowa and the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, provides information on children's health to consumers and health care providers.


This site is rich in a wide variety of medical information for parents of children of all ages. The information is well written, easy to understand and practical. A good site to visit for many medical issues faced by parents.

Attention Deficit Disorder - on About.com

ADD.about.com is a reference site for information on Attention Deficit Disorder. Here you'll find a wealth of information and links about ADD for both children and adults.


This is a very useful site for both adults and for families who have someone who has attention deficit disorder. You'll find links, articles and more. The site creator is a teacher, a father of an ADD child and has ADD himself.

Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorders (CHADD)

The national non-profit organization representing children and adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD). Founded in 1987 by a group of concerned parents, CHADD works to improve the lives of people with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder through education, advocacy and support. Working closely with leaders in the field of AD/HD research, diagnosis and treatment, CHADD offers its members and the public information they can trust.


The national and local chapters of CHADD provide useful information, help and support to individuals and families effected by ADD. This site will help you get in touch with these chapters and will provide you with up-to-date information about ADD, treatments and management strategies.

Hoagies' Gifted Education Page

This exciting site contains links to gifted education resources all over the world, carefully annotated and organized into content areas including academic acceleration, gifted learning disabled, profoundly gifted, educational theories, and lots more. In addition, you can find resources for our kids, including magazines, software, web links and books, plus first hand success stories by the parents of gifted kids. International lists of organizations and conferences, too. Check it out!


If your child is gifted or is gifted and learning disabled, then you'll want to visit this site. Here you'll find a very thorough and complete set of articles, books, magazines, conferences and links about these topics.

Learning Disabilities Association of America

LDA is a national, non-profit, volunteer organization including individuals with learning disabilities, their families and professionals. LDA is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all individuals with learning disabilities and their families, to alleviating the restricting effects of learning disabilities, and to supporting endeavors to determine the causes of learning diabilities.


This organization is a great resource for families. Visit the site to find relevant articles, local chapters, research information, events and more.

National Mental Health and Education Center for Children and Families

The National Mental Health and Education Center for Children and Families, a public service program of the National Association of School Psychologists, is an information and action network to foster best practices in education and mental health for children and families--which builds upon strengths, understands diversity, and supports families. The Center provides free information to parents, teachers, administrators and policy makers on issues concerning children's education and mental health.


Whether you are a parent or a teacher you'll find a wide variety of informative articles and newsletters on this site. In the Parenting and Family area we found articles entitled "Steps Towards Effective Parenting", and "Homework Survival Guide". Many of the articles require the free Adobe reader for viewing.

Parenting Today's Teen

Parenting Today's Teen is a valuable resource for those who live with or work with teens. Articles, written by professionals and parents, cover today's teen issues: pregnancy, discipline, curfew, drugs and alcohol, education, lying, stepfamilies, depression and more. Our book store is filled with parenting-related books, and our parenting forum is a place to find support, ask questions and make new friends. We're here to help you navigate those sometimes-frustrating teen years--you're not alone!


If you have teens, then you'll want to visit this site. You'll find articles on everything from "teens and jobs" to "Is this kid normal or have I failed as a parent". They don't shy away from the tough issues either, and you'll find many warm and touching sections as well.

Rare Genetic Diseases in Children: An Internet Resource Gateway

The Gateway Kiosk was designed as a means for people affected by rare genetic diseases, whether family or professional, to locate others in order to share information. It consists of five Topic Forums: Chromosomal Disorders, Lifelink Search, Medical Notice, Open Topic and Support Group. A Moderator Updates page explains how the Kiosk is managed and provides links to similar web resources.


This site is a valuable resource for parents and other caregivers who wish to read and respond to families and professionals posting information on genetic diseases in children.

Carol's Speech and Language Disorders Homepage

If you are the parent of a child who has a speech or language disorder, you will find links to valuable information relating to speech/language therapy.


This is a personal page developed by a speech therapist that has lists of links for topics relating to speech and language disorders. Lists include those for professionals, for general education topics and for sales of products and educational materials.

Dia B Tees Info Center

Dia B Tees Info Center has sections such as chat rooms, complications, nutrition, software, medications, natural remedies, message boards, list servers, and a children's section with many more topics.


This site has a very comprehensive set of diabetes links and resources. There is a special section devoted to children's information.

Dragonfly Toys

2000+ toys, books, ADLs and adapted hard/software for children with disabilities. Features: Innovative services, three specialized search engines for parents and professionals, and collections of special one-click searches. Search for toys based on a child's individual developmental profile! Commerce enabled.


For the child with special needs, this site offers educational material (in the form of toys, cards and games) that parents can use to help their child. The catalog is accessed through a searchable database. A child's profile is required. The navigation is very lengthy, but there is a pot of gold at the end of the journey!

Dyslexia My Life

Hi, I know what a helping hand can mean, I'm dyslexic. My name is Girard Sagmiller and I'm the webmaster of the web page "Dyslexia My Life", a web page dedicated to listing information on Dyslexia and LD.


This site has been created and is managed by a person who is dyslexia. Here you'll find a good list of resources, products, links and checklists for parents to determine if their child may be dyslexic.

Gifted Resources Site

Gifted Resources Site contains links to all known online gifted resources, enrichment programs, talent searches, summer programs, gifted mailing lists and early acceptance programs, including CTY, EPGY, CTD, NRC/GT, TIP, RMTS, ERIC, NCSSSMST, IAAY, Odyssey of the Mind, and many, many others. It contain links to 4+ years of TAG-L mailing list archives (over 16 MB). It also contains contact information for many local gifted associations and government (mostly US state) programs. Some international program are also listed.


This site has a very comprehensive list of resources for parents of gifted children. It also has downloadable archives for several mailing lists about gifted children. This site is a good place to start if you need help in finding online information.

Outside the Box...A Place for Parents & Teachers of Misunderstood Kids

Its pages personally and professionally address the classroom needs of students with ADHD, describe what it is like to raise a child with ADHD, and link to resources for both parents and teachers. This site is designed and maintained by a teacher and a parent of a child with ADHD.


A site created by a teacher for both parents and teachers who have children with ADD or ADHD. Inspiration, communication and understanding are promoted through a short series of articles and letters.

Parenting Special Children

Special Children from The Mining Company is a site built on love and committment to educating and empowering those who are touched by having special children in their lives. This site is new but growing quickly with many goals.


A well organized site that has basic information on a wide variety of learning disabilities and other topics for children with special needs. It's main value is the useful lists of links sorted by category.

Taking the Bully by the Horns

"Taking The Bully By The Horns" is a self-help book/web site dedicated to helping children/young teens deal with Bullies/Self-esteem/Violence. Supported by Schs/Child Orgs/Parents/Dr.'s, we explore different ways kids are bullied - mentally and physically, how the bully becomes a bully, how the victim becomes a victim, & what can be done about it. Last year, 76.8% of students surveyed said they had been bullied/14% experienced servere (bad) reactions to the abuse. It's time to do something about it!


This website explores different ways children and teenagers are bullied (both mentally and physically), how the bully becomes a bully, how the victim becomes a victim (sometimes there's a fine line between the two!), and what can be done about it. It has information for parents, teachers and kids.

The National Foundation for Gifted and Creative Children

The National Foundation for Gifted and Creative Children is a non-profit organization dedicated to disseminating knowledge and FREE information to parents and educators on the plight of the gifted.


If you're looking for more information and resources about gifted children, then visit this site. You'll also find information about giftedness and ADD/ADHD, ritalin, ADD treatments and more.

ADHD Taking Control Through Knowledge

Devoted to ADD/ADHD and related issues. Information on parenting, special education, social security with free monthly newsletter, email discussion and forums. Lots of resources and links for parents and adults.


This site provides a unique list of books and links than we've seen at other ADD sites. The site is driven by personal interest and involvement.

Space Coast Early Intervention Center

A nationally recognized not-for-profit pre-school and therapeutic center for children with and without developmental delays ages 18 months to five years. Our environment provides role modeling from peers and allows the children to reach their full potential.


This site is for parents who are looking for an organization to provide early intervention programs. While light on general information, it will be of interest to parents looking for contacts and resources.

Special Child Magazine

A free online magazine for parents and caregivers of children with special needs. Features include Success Stories, Tips, a family advice column, informative disability related articles, a discussion forum, and more!


An on-line magazine for parents of special needs children that addresses the hope, success and some of the frustration of parenting such a child.

The Children's Institute

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The Children's Institute (formerly The Rehabilitation Institute) is the region's leading comprehensive rehabilitation facility dedicated to serving the special needs of children and young adults.


This rehabilitation facility located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania specializes in therapy and medical treatment for children children with special needs, diseases and disorders. The site provides an overview of their programs.


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