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About KidSource OnLine

Our Vision

Welcome to KidSource OnLine! We are a group of parents who want to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of parents and children. We've created an online community that shares our values and goals in raising, educating and providing for our children. We believe that parents and caregivers want to take greater responsibility for their children's health and education, but don't always have the right information, resources or advice to do so. Our goal is to provide that knowledge and advice to help you better raise and educate your children.

Our Focus

As you visit our site, you'll see we focus primarily on health and education related issues. We've found that these are the number one concerns for many parents today. And, it has been much too difficult for the typical parent to find timely, accurate and helpful information in these areas. So, our goal is to find the best of the healthcare and education information for you and deliver it to you in new and innovative ways that will make it of greater benefit to you and your family.

Who We Are

We are a group of parents who love our children and after many years have come to the conclusion that we need to "love what we do and do what we love". So we combined our love of our children with our expertise with computers and marketing and created KidSource OnLine.

We bring with us a wide range of talents. Not only are we parents, we also have extensive experience in computers, marketing, engineering, healthcare, education and other related areas.

Our Privacy Policy

All personal information collected on KidSource OnLine and via KidSource PersonalNews™ is considered confidential and will not be sold, distributed in any form (electronic or paper) to any third party. This includes all profile information, e-mail addresses and any information considered personal.

We reserve the right to use aggregate data from surveys, such as summarizing the number of women vs. men who visit KidSource, for statistical purposes. No individual information (such as e-mail addresses) can be derived from this data.

If any advertisements are tied to a person's personal page (as on PersonalNews), no personal information will be sent to the advertiser. The advertiser will only receive aggregate information about how many times a banner was shown and to what types of collective groups (i.e. subscribers interested in healthcare).

At any point, visitors may ask to see, edit and delete any personal information or data that may have been collected (as in the guestbook or the long survey).

We suggest that if visitors have concerns over the privacy of their personal information that they do not divulge any personal information (as in surveys or in the Forums). We remind users that all participation in these areas is purely voluntary.

As a corporate policy, KidSource will fully support all governmental regulations to the best of its ability, including the new regulations in Europe.

If you have other concerns about the privacy of your information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Site

We're organized in two parts - our content (or answers) and our discussion (or Forums). Each provides different information and different views on raising and educating our children. We tie these areas together so that when you need help, you can find it from all possible sources.

You'll notice that we're light on graphics and have a straightforward layout. This is intentional (much to the chagrin of our graphic artist friends). Most of our visiting parents, do not have time to wait for extensive graphics to download, especially when they are connected via a 14.4 or a 28.8 modem, or through an online service. We respect the time and performance constraints of our visiting parents and will upgrade our design as our visitors upgrade their systems.

Our Public Service Area

We also want to make a difference in the lives of other children - not just those of the KidSource OnLine family. So we've started a series of public service forums. The first of these is Computing EDGE - a donation program that matches needy schools with the used, obsolete or excess computing equipment from corporations or individuals. It is our way of giving back to the community.

Sponsorship Opportunities

KidSource OnLine has a variety of sponsorship programs. Visit our Media Information area for more details. We'll be glad to work with you to design a sponsorship program to match your needs.

Contact: Karen Dillon
408.253.0246 (voice: 9-5 pm PST)
408.253.7391 (fax)

Press Information

If you are a member of the press, please contact us at the above numbers. We'll be glad to provide you with background material, demographic information and testimonials.Visit our Media Information area for more details.

Awards & Recognition

For a full list, please visit Our Awards

Our Graphics Design

The Hughes Group of Scotts Valley, California designed and implemented our graphics. Contact Margaret Hughes at (408) 461-1927 for advertising, graphics design and marketing expertise Say that you saw their work here at KidSource OnLine!

Legal Information

KidSource OnLine is a trademark of KidSource OnLine, Inc. (a California corporation). ComputingEdge, PersonalNews, MyKidSource and KidSource are trademarks of KidSource OnLine, Inc. All other marks are property of their respective owners.

Information Caveat

We do our best to guarantee that our information is correct. However, this information does not substitute for the professional advice and counsel of your physician, healthcare provider or educator. We, our partners, sponsors and associates, assume no liability of any kind for any misuse of information on this site or for any information that proves to be incorrect or misleading for any reason. The original providers of the content, as noted, assume full liability for the correctness of their content. We welcome all questions, corrections and suggestions. Please review our full disclaimer.


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