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    • Teaching in Year-Round Schools

      The year-round calendar is an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional nine-month school calendar. This digest examines the benefits and challenges of teaching in year-round schools

    • Academic Redshirting and Young Children

      Academic redshirting for young children refers to the practice of postponing entrance into kindergarten of age-eligible children in order to allow extra time for socioemotional, intellectual, or physical growth. This Digest discusses what studies have said thus far about redshirting and its potential effects, and offers suggestions for parents considering delaying their child's entrance into kindergarten.

    • Teaching Mathematics to Gifted Students in a Mixed-Ability Classroom

      If your child is mathematically gifted, then this article will provide you with strategies for how your school can meet the special needs of your child. While this article is written for the educational professional, parents will find it useful when talking with their child's teacher.

    • Grading Students' Classroom Writing: Issues and Strategies

      This article for teaching professionals discusses teaching and grading issues regarding writing assignments.

    • Capitalizing on Small Class Size

      Efforts to reduce class size, particularly in the primary grades, have been at the forefront of discussions about education for over two decades. This article explores several topics that are prominent in school districts' efforts to derive the greatest benefit from smaller classes.

    • Homework Helper Calendar - Activities & Resources for Parents & Students

      This calendar provides 30 days or ideas, resources and activities to help parents and students with common homework issues.

    • Teaching Social Studies with the Internet

      Social studies educators are living and working in the middle of a revolution -- the emergence of the Internet as an integral part of education. This Digest summarizes ways that classroom teachers can combine the Internet with other instructional resources and methods.

    • Meet Professor Tobbs - Educational Activities

      Educational activities for children ages 3 to 10 for developing important mathematical and thinking skills. Over 150 activities, divided into 3 age groups.

    • Parents As Partners In Children's Learning

      Parents and teachers may look at young children's learning from different perspectives, but they share a common goal: making sure that children receive the best possible education. Mutual respect and communication between programs and families takes advantage of both perspectives to provide children with the kind of care and education that will help them thrive.

    • Helping Students With Homework In Science And Math

      This general purpose article about homework provides insight into topics such as "how much homework is reasonable" and "how can I help my child with his/her homework".

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