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CHICAGO, March 29, 1999 -- Every year, approximately 6 million kids across America move into new neighborhoods and cities. Despite the reassurances of parents, children often harbor fears of leaving friends and familiar surroundings. Members of the Council of Residential Specialists, an organization of the nation's top-performing realtors that awards the Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) designation, make it a point to provide something special for their clients with small children. Toni Sherman, CRS, president of the Council offers tips for families moving with children to help the sometimes stressful process go smoothly.

1. Take your camcorder and videotape the house and the surrounding neighborhood so your children will have a feel for the area before the move.

2. Encourage your children to exchange addresses, phone numbers and even E-mail addresses with friends so they can keep old friends while they make new ones.

3. Prepare a special box for each child containing some clothing and their favorite toys. Help the child decorate the box and ask the movers to load the box last and unload it first.

4. Upon arrival at the new home, set up the children's rooms first in order to give a sense of familiarity as well as a place to relax or play while the rest of the belongings are being unloaded. Allow them to help decide how their rooms will be arranged.

5. Take a short family walk to unwind from the hectic day and to make initial explorations of the neighborhood. This is a great way to meet potential playmates for your kids.

6. Send some mail to your children at the new address so it will be waiting for them when you move in.

7. It's important that children know about their new school and any playgrounds in the area. Your CRS will have extensive information about your new neighborhood.

Sherman recommends that once the dust settles, you invite your immediate neighbors over -- especially those with children, so the kids can get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

About the Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) Designation: The CRS that follows a qualified professional real estate agent's name attests to significant experience and completion of a demanding education program. The Council of Residential Specialists awards the CRS Designation. To locate a CRS, visit http://www.crs.com.


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