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Activities & Resources for Parents of Gifted Children

The Early Years


Enjoy Your Baby

Nurture your child's intelligences by talking, singing, and explaining what you're doing as you're doing it.


IQ Testing

The two most commonly used IQ tests with gifted children are the WISC-III and the Stanford-Binet. The Stanford-Binet has a higher range and is the test of choice for highly gifted children. A trained psychologist familiar with the test should administer it.


Stimulate Brain Power in Your Infant

Many of the recommendations seem like common sense, but La Petite Academy's Five Ways to Stimulate Brain Power offers good information.


Identifying Quality Preschools

The article "How Can Parents Identify a High Quality Preschool is helpful to all parents, not just those with gifted children.


Math Play

Math exploration can be enjoyable play time with your young child. Read tips in the article Math and the Myth of 1, 2, 3.


By the Numbers

There is some variation, but IQ is generally accepted as:

85  Lower normal
100 Upper normal
115 Bright
130 Gifted
145 Highly gifted
160 Exceptionally gifted
180+ Profoundly gifted
Source: http://www.tagfam.org/



Will Kindergarten Challenge My Gifted Five-year-old?

When considering options for your soon-to-be kindergartner, be sure to read Nurturing Giftedness In Young Children from the U.S. Department of Education.


The Homeschool Option

Are you thinking about homeschooling your child, or perhaps supplementing his or her education? Check out these homeschooling sites:
Or start by reading the article Homeschooling Gifted Students: An Introductory Guide for Parents.


Education Program for Gifted Youth

Visit the web site for Stanford University's online courses as part of their Education Program for Gifted Youth.


Join an Online Discussion

Join or start a discussion related to gifted and talented education and advanced placement. Try the Gifted and Talented board at Teacher's Net.


Liftoff to Space Exploration

An exciting site for those interested in space.


Gifted and Learning Disabled

The paradox of children who are gifted and learning disabled is explored on this site, with numerous resources for the Gifted/LD.
LD OnLine

The Teen Years


Gifted Kids Survival Guide—A Teen Handbook

Support your gifted teen by buying this book, or borrowing it from your local library.


Planning for College

Check out this article on college planning.
College Planning for Gifted and Talented Youth.


Emotional Lives

Understanding the emotional differences in the gifted is explained in the article "Joy and Loss:The Emotional Lives of Gifted Children."


Parental Support

"No matter how gifted, children do not develop their gifts without a parent or surrogate parent behind them encouraging, stimulating, and pushing. But the parents do not create the gift. The children are usually pushing the parents, sending out clear signals of their need for a stimulating environment. Parents try to accommodate."
--Ellen Winner in "Gifted Children"


Helping the Gifted Prepare for College

How Can I Help My Gifted Child Plan for College? has specific ideas for parents.


Your Teen Needs You

Don't forget that teens continue to need parenting, guidance, and love as they gain ever increasing amounts of independence. Be there for your child; keep the lines of communication open.

General Resources and Activities for the Gifted


Gifted Kids Survival Guide

Does your child want to read about what it's like to be gifted—from a kid's perspective? Then try "Gifted Kids Survival Guide." You can find it at the KidSource Store, or look for it in your local library.


Wondering if Your Child is a "Mensa"?

Visit the Mensa International web site:


Gifted, ADHD, or Both?

Almost all behaviors in ADHD children can be found in those who are bright, talented, creative, and gifted. Find out more in this article.
ADHD and Children Who Are Gifted


Buy or Borrow This Book!

The Survival Guide for Parents of Gifted Kids—How to Understand, Live With, and Stick Up for Your Gifted Child


Join an Online Support Group

If you want to talk with other parents, visit these sites and join one of their mailing lists:
GT World
TAGFAM: Families of the Talented and Gifted


Emotional Intelligence

This article gives ideas for you and your gifted child.
Creativity for Emotional Intelligence.


More Than Academics

Be sure to expose your gifted child to myriad activities and people. Learning is like a pyramid—the broader the foundation, the higher the pyramid can reach.

Don't Forget


Team Up with Teachers

Most teachers are skilled at teaching those children who fall into the "wide range of normal," but they may not have the background or education to know what to do with your gifted child. Become a team member, not a fighter. Offer help and support where needed. Approach with kindness. Acknowledge that your child is "different" and requires extra effort. Show appreciation for that effort.


Your Child is Still a Child

Keep in mind that your gifted child is still a child. His or her intellectual capacity may far surpass emotional capacity. Don't set your expectations too high—just because he can do algebraic equations at the age of four doesn't mean he won't have tantrums like other four-year-olds.

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