Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World: Seven Building Blocks for Developing Capable Young People

by H. Stephen Glenn and Jane Nelsen

  • Paperback, 242 pages
  • Published by Prima Publishing
  • Publication date: June 1989
  • Dimensions (in inches): 8 3/4 x 5 3/4 x 1/2 inches
  • ISBN: 0914629921

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This important book goes beyond issues of strictness and leniency to show parents how to develop their children's values of accountability and adherence to responsible, internalized standards of behavior. Children will value the presence of these responsible, self-reliant, and mature traits in themselves.

KidSource OnLine Book Review

This book starts with a discussion of the changes from an agrarian society to the current city/surburban society and what impact those changes have had on childrearing practices. The historical perspective of the need for children in our society and current views regarding families not only make sense, they also help us to explain why those practices have led us to try to "do it all" for our children and how that can make a child feel less reliant and self-worthy.

The seven building blocks to raising our children in a self-confident and affirming manner range from simple ideas such as helping them to think about their contributions to effect outcomes, family meetings, and less television to developing the more difficult concepts of self-control, self-discipline and good judgement in children. In addition, there are practical scenarios in each chapter that describe implementing the seven concepts.

From the Back Cover

Authors H. Stephen Glenn and Jane Nelsen are real people with real answers. Each of them is a parent with many children. They know that parenting in today's self-indulgent society is not easy. As renowned educators whose seminars are attended by over 250,000 annually, they offer a fresh and common-sense approach that has struck a chord in the hearts of parents and teachers everywhere.

Those who think in terms of leniency vs strictness will be disappointed. This book goes beyond those issues to teach children to be responsible and self-reliant - not through fear and intimidation, which are outer-directed concerns (what happens when the disciplinarian is on vacation or asleep?) but through the maturity of feeling accountable to one's commitments (inner-directed behaviour).

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