Rainbow Fish to the Rescue

Marcus Pfister

  • Hardcover - 24 pages
  • Reading level: Ages 4-8
  • Published by North South Books
  • Publication date: September 1995
  • Dimensions (in inches): 0.31 x 11.57 x 8.67
  • ISBN: 1558584862

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KidSource Review

In this story, the Rainbow Fish learns the importance of doing what you believe in, regardless of the opinions of your peers. Rainbow Fish and his friends had been playing flash tag and had excluded another fish just because the little striped fish did not have a flashy scale like the others. Rainbow Fish realized that this wasn't right but was too afraid to stand up against his friends for fear of losing their friendship. But when the new fish is chased by a shark, Rainbow Fish convinces the group to work together to save the little fish. They then become friends and the little fish is welcomed into the group in spite of his differences. This is a good story to begin to discuss the problems of peer pressure with your child and the importance of being sensitive to the feelings and needs of others who are different.