Getting to Dry : How to Help Your Child Overcome Bedwetting

by Max Maizels, M.D., Diane Rosenbaum Ph.D., Barbara Keating, R.N.,M.S.

  • Paperback - 272 pages
  • Published by Harvard Common Pr
  • Publication date: January 15, 1999
  • Dimensions (in inches): 0.72 x 5.70 x 8.34
  • ISBN:1558321314

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More than four million children over the age of five wet the bed. For most of them, time will solve the problem. This book, written by the experts at the country's leading center for treating children's enuresis, shows parents ways to speed up the clock and help their children wake up dry.

KidSource OnLine Book Review

Bedwetting is a problem more common than many parents think, and when it does happen to their children, parents can need help in understanding the many varied causes and treatments. The ideas in this book are from the "Try for Dry Program" at the Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago, where they have been helped many children and their families. I liked the book because it helps parents understand what the potential causes of bedwetting are and the pros and cons of treatments. They also provide advice on how to use rewards and praise as encouragements instead of shame and punishment.

From the Back Cover

Eventually, most children will outgrow bedwetting. But how long will eventually be, and at what cost to parents frayed nerves or to a child's self-esteem?

In Getting to Dry, the experts at the county's leading center for childhood wetting show that parents can speed up the clock and children can wake up happy and dry. They cover the pros and cons of wetting alarms, drug therapies, and changes in diet and sleeping schedules, and they provide warmhearted advice on how to replace punishment and shame with rewards and praise. Above all, they offer proven techniques that really work.

Finally-an easy-to-read book on bedwetting! Dr. Maizels and his colleagues have given us a well-written, wide-ranging manual, appropriate for professionals and parents, on how to treat enuresis. -Dr. Mark R. Zaontz, M.D., Head, Pediatric Urology, Southern New Jersey Regional Childrens Hospital

This well-conceived and clearly presented volume brings basic information to parents and other care givers. Controversial issues are discussed in a balanced fashion. The glossary and the resources section will serve the reader well. -Dr. David T. Miniberg, M.D., Chairman, The National Kidney Foundation Section on Pediatric Nephrology and Urology, and Director, Pediatric Urology Division, The New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center

Getting to Dry allows parents and children to take control of a problem they are often too embarrassed to discuss. It offers a refreshing approach that is realistic, family-centered, and practical. Recommended for doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and social workers as well as parents. -Dr. Barbara C. Woodring, R.N., Ed.D., Chair, Department of Parent-Child Nursing, The Medical College of Georgia

A wonderful, straightforward, and enlightened book for parents and health-care providers alike, by authors with extensive experience. This book will really help thousands of families. -Dr. Mark Stein, Ph.D., Chief of Psychology, Childrens National Medical Center and George Washington Medical School.

About the Author

Max Maizels, M.D., is a professor of pediatric urology at Northwestern University Medical School. Diane Rosenbaum, Ph.D., is a clinical child psychologist, and Barbara Keating, R.N., M.S., has counseled thousands of parents of bedwetters. Together, Maizels, Rosenbaum, and Keating run the Try for Dry program at Childrens Memorial Hospital in Chicago. They are internationally recognized authorities on childhood enuresis.