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LDA Articles and Information

What is LDA

On behalf of children with learning disabilities, in 1964, a group of concerned parents formed the Learning Disabilities Association. It is the only national organization devoted to defining and finding solutions for the broad spectrum of learning problems. LDA has 50 state affiliates with more than 775 local chapters. Membership totals are 60,000, including parents, professionals from many sectors, and concerned citizens.

What are LDA's goals?

Learning disabilities occur in many forms - visual, auditory, motor control, communication, logic, etc. Effective correction must include a total approach to the educational, physiological, psychological and medical needs of the individual child. Therefore, LDA believes in an interdisciplinary approach with these major goals:

What services does LDA offer?

Information and Referral

An inquiry to the local chapter, or national LDA office may be a crucial first step in providing help to a person with learning disabilities. Members receive annually six newsletters from the national LDA, along with local newsletters.

School Program Development

LDA and its state affiliates are available to work directly with school systems in planning and implementing programs for early identification and diagnosis, as well as remediation in resource and special education classroom situations. Because of the relationship of learning disabilities to school drop-out and delinquency, the Adolescent and Young Adult Committee works with educators, correctional authorities and jurists in order to develop comprehensive approaches to education and employment.


The LDA Governmental Affairs Committee provides information and recommends action on pending legislation which may affect children with learning disabilities and/or their families. LDA was active in the passage of the 1969 Elementary Secondary Education Amendments, P.L. 93-103 (Education Act for the Handicapped) and P.L. 94-142 (Education Act for All Handicapped Children) - programs designed to provide free, appropriate education for those with handicaps and learning disabilities.

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